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Services Overview

Personalized Services

What we provide

Below is a list of a few of our personalized services we provide; customized to each clients needs.


Full Service Provider Credentialing

Completion of credentialing applications for insurance carriers and hospitals is handled for you. We provide all the necessary follow-up with insurance carriers and track the application from submission through to approval. Carriers include Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Commercial carriers, DMERC carriers, Workman’s Compensation carriers, and many others.


Provider Data Entry

All information obtained from our providers and/or practices are entered into our database in a timely manner, ensuring all information is up-to-date and readily available when necessary.


Filing Medical Claims

Most claims are filed electronically, ensuring accuracy and dependability; only a few will go on paper, depending on the policies of each individual insurance company.


Patient Eligibility

At Devington, we are able to ascertain patient eligibility for most commercial insurers instantly. Our comprehensive practice management system provides immediate online checks for insurance eligibility across key government and commercial insurance payers. The feature eliminates the need for paper transactions and repeated calls to insurers to coordinate insurance checks. Practices using this feature won’t have to worry about lost revenue due to delays or errors in eligibility verification.


Medical Practice Statements

Devington mails out statements on behalf of our clients, directly from our practice management software. Of course, each client’s statements and collections are done specifically to their requested specifications.


Medical Insurance Payments

All payments and explanations of benefits (EOB) from clients are posted directly to our database. Each EOB is audited for correct payment and/or benefits information to ensure there are no errors.


Appeals to Medical Payers

As an integral part of our effort to increase client revenue, we devote the time and effort pursuing cases where a payment or denial has been made incorrectly; we challenge insurance companies to reverse their denials to assure you’re receiving your mazimum reimbursement.


Medical Practice Reports

Comprehensive reports are generated on a monthly basis. Every individual provider and practice is different, we customize every report to fit your requirements.


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