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Institutional Billing

Devington provides
Comprehensive Medical Billing Solutions
to many Institutional & Community Health Care providers.


Managing Financial Success

We are a full service medical billing company, providing comprehensive administrative services and diligent accounts receivable management to medical health care institutions.
You can count on us to bring certified and experienced professional medical billing solutions to your facility.

Devington assists many medical
specialties in operating and managing
the financial success of their facilities.
Including but not limited to:


institutional-billing-check-big   APG Billing
institutional-billing-check-big   Developmental Disabilities: (Article 16)                                             (OMH/OPWDD Services)
institutional-billing-check-big   Early Intervention: (Article 25) Childhood Disabilities
institutional-billing-check-big   FQHC’s
institutional-billing-check-big   Hospitals
institutional-billing-check-big   ICF’s (Intermediate Care Facilities)
institutional-billing-check-big   IRA’s (Individual Residential Alternatives)
institutional-billing-check-big   Mental Hygiene: (Article 31) Services for the Mentally Disabled
institutional-billing-check-big   NYSDOH/Community Health Care Programs
institutional-billing-check-big   OTP’s and Substance Abuse Counseling
institutional-billing-check-big   Primary Care: (Article 28) Diagnostic & Treatment Centers
institutional-billing-check-big   And many others

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