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our-company-sealDevington Technologies is a Health Care Technology Company providing 2014 certified EHR, Practice Management, and Medical Billing solutions.

Since 1984, our medical billing division has consistently increased practice revenue and created predictable cash flow for providers throughout the United States. Our excellent, cloud-based services deliver increased savings, greater revenue and more control to your practice. Devington’s EHR guarantees your Medicare and Medicaid Meaningful Use Incentive payments.

We’re Stage 2 ready and certified.

While we welcome your practice as a client, we provide you the tools to maximize on the incentives and our staff walks you through the registration process to ensure you fulfill all requirements.

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In the Cloud


Devington offers web-based, cloud computing software for physicians, practitioners, and clinics. Our firm is a fully integrated solution that includes Practice IQ EHR (Electronic Health Record and Patient Portal) and Practice IQ PM (Practice Management and Medical Billing).Practice IQ EHR was designed for use on mobile tablets and it is optimized for use on an Apple iPad. Practice IQ EHR offers a unique array of features that facilitate adoption of EHR technology, including its mobile, Pure Cloud platform, its cross-compatibility with traditional desktop, laptop, Windows and Mac hardware devices, and its affordable subscription payment model. Practice IQ EHR is Meaningful Use Certified, and thousands of users across the country place their trust in Devington and Practice IQ on a daily basis.Devington Technologies simplifies and streamlines your medical practice management tasks by providing cloud-based medical practice management & EHR software, ensuring maximum profitability and comfort for you and your staff.

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our-company-ballsSimple and Efficient

Practices encounter numerous challenges; Practice IQ provides the features capable of improving patient care. Our web-based EHR software is designed specifically to help enhance the patient’s experience from beginning to end with comprehensive office management tools. Practice IQ handles appeals effectively, increases cash flow and improves collection cycles.

With a state-of-the-art EHR design, we maintain an increased Return on Investment (ROI) of 15%-25%. Our simple technology enables greater profitable bottom lines for practices.

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our-company-scissorsTime for a New Cost-Efficient System

Focused on enhancing user experience, Devington delivers a new standard to medical practice management.

Say goodbye to the inefficient, costly, outdated, and complex systems sold by other companies. Using a simple and efficient solution to handle healthcare IT, Practice IQ handles your medical practice needs.

Contact Devington today and prepare your practice for a more successful tomorrow!

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